In- Store Class Schedule 2017* *updated: 7/1/2017

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About Our Classes

The teachers at DragonMarsh are all adults (21+) with 25 or more years of experience in magickal and spiritual arts, with an emphasis on positive thinking and creation. Anyone with a sincere desire to learn is welcome at our classes. Our teachers wish only to share their knowledge and assist others in awakening and using their own natural abilities; they are not interested in proselytizing.
Each student enrolled in a class will receive supplies for their in-class magickal "workings," as well as a printed packet of instructor-written guidelines and notes on the subject of their class. The class fee covers the cost of supplies and printed material for each student. Please sign up and pre-pay before the night of the class so that the teacher can prepare enough materials for everyone who has enrolled.


DragonMarsh Class/Demo Schedule:   

DragonMarsh has had many requests for classes on specific subjects. To answer these requests qualified teachers have agreed to teach a series of classes on Magickal or Craft workings. These classes will be approximately 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours long (or longer) with the focus concentrated on the subject for that class. Class fees include supplies & printed material unless quoted. Please sign up &prepay at the front register before the night of the class so that the teacher can prepare the supplies needed for that class. These are generally adult classes. If you have a question about a teenager taking a class please consult the classes instructor.Sorry, we have no child care available. There must be 3 Students Signed up to have the class.


Sign up by coming in the store or use the paypal buttons (if provided) and pay with your Credit card or bank account.      

Call if you need a paypal button added!  951 276-1116 All Prices listed include a 3.00 cash discount.To receive the discounted price you must pay in person at the store. If you are paying online you pay 3.00 more. When you come in for class ask for a 10% off coupon to help offset. To avoid the extra cost- pay cash instore for the cash discount

Morigianna would like to thank our patrons for being patient while she healed from surgery. Classes are back!

Summer 2017 Class List

Sat July 8 4:00 pm Candlemagick 101 $28.00*  Need to “light” a fire under your current project? Need love, luck, money, protection, or a new job? Feel something strange in your neighborhood? Got Wick? Are you burning your candle at both ends? Can you burn it now? Learn what candle shape & color to use for what spell and why. Learn the do’s & Don’ts of magickal candle burning.  Taper? Votive? Tea light? Figure? Jar? Pillar? Knob? Learn how the moon or sun phase will affect your work. Learn to safely Bless, charge and make Magickal candles for any purpose. Learn what candle you should ALWAYS have in your home. Learn what never to do to a candle. Learn how to incorporate stones, crystals, herbs, oils and magickal symbolism in your candles.. Plus much more. Fee includes class, hand outs and all supplies for class project. “Don’t be left in the dark!”

Wed July 12 6:30 pm Tasty Tea Tasting 6:30pm $10.00 or 2 for $18.00* Tea balls, Tea cups, Tea pots, Tea bricks, Loose and Bagged! Confused about the difference between black, green, white and red teas? What about fruit or flowering teas? Wondering the proper way to store tea? Puzzled about caffeine in your tea? Learn the History of tea and the correct way to brew each type. Find a new favorite by sampling a variety of black, green, red, white, oolong, and pu'erh (aged) teas plus much more! This class fills fast!Pre-register to ensure you have a chair!

Mon July 17 6:30 pm Magickal Tools & Altar Design & Decor $25.00* Learn all about Magickal tools. What are they? Do you need ALL of them? Separate Myth from Magick What IS the difference between a wand, a staff and a broom? Does it matter what color my Athame’ is? Can I make my own pentacle? Do I really need a cord? Can I use a travel mug? Where do I get tools?What is a grimore anyway? How can I decorate my Altar? Learn the answers to these questions and many more! Learn how to care bless/consecrate your tools & how to use tools properly. Design your own sacred space and Altar layouts. Bring any tool you have questions about. 

Sat July 22 4:00 pm Death by Chocolate $30.00@ 2/50.00* Learn the fine art of Chocolate Dipping (or dunking) with a Chocolate Fantasy of Chocolate Goodness! For those who want to know more about their favorite indulgence and for those who just want to “play in the chocolate!” Come learn the history of Chocolate! Tickle your taste buds by tasting many kinds of chocolate– find a new favorite! Make and take decadent chocolate items including herbal chocolate truffles, chocolate gifts, dipped goodies, and more!All students leave the course with a boxful of self-dipped treats.This class may be taken by children 10 and older with an adult. There is no discount for children do to the cost of supplies. Please inform teacher of any nut or special allergies before class.

Thur July 27 6:00 pm Sacred Spaces $25.00* What is a circle and what do I do in it? How do I make one? How does it work? How do I get rid of it? Learn the art of creating a sacred space for prayer work, meditation, celebrating holidays and much more. Students will explore different ways of calling quarters including watchtowers, angels, dragons/animals and elements. Topics include casting without tools, defining space, dismissing & cleanup of circles, Q & A and live demonstrations. Class fee includes materials, handouts & all supplies for class project.

Thur Aug 3 at 6:00 pm Making, Creating & Organizing a BOS (Book of Shadows) $25.00*  Every Book You read, Every class you take, every web page you see- tells you that a Grimore or BOS is a MUST. But what is it? What does it look like? What is in it? Can I make it myself? What if I have rotten handwriting? What if someone else reads or touches it? Can I share with my friends? Learn the difference between fact & fiction and all the answers to these questions and more! Topics include- Book of Shadow design, Materials consecration, Book blessings, Electronic BOS’s, Books of Light & Shadows, Private & Coven Books, Travel Bos’s, The difference between inner & outer court books, Hereditary books and much more!

Sat Aug 5th Lammas/ Lunasadgh Celebration Free** Lammas or Lughnasadh, is the festival of the First Fruits of the Harvest, and is celebrated by much feasting on all things made of grain. Come celebrate at DragonMarsh as we give thanks tothe Earth for its bounty and beauty. This is not a ritual circle - We celebrate with activities and information that all ages and faiths can enjoy! Call for more information. The celebration will include games and craft activities. The history of the Holiday and the ways it has been celebrated over time will be discussed and refreshments of the season will be served. All faiths are Welcome.You may bring a munchie/treat to share if you like (no alcohol please) **$1.00 donation to the pet adoption center or can of pet food to make large projects (corn dollies).

Sun Aug 6 at 1:00 pm Sensuous Salts, Scrubs & Body Butter 25.00* . Time to pamper yourself! Create in class- lovely scented soaking salts, body/face/lip scrubs and body butter/lotion. Students will leave with a collection of goodies for yourself or to give as a gift! Class includes all supplies.This class may be taken by children 10 and older with an adult. There is no discount for children do to the cost of supplies. Bring an apron this class can get messy

Tues Aug 8th 6:30 pm Stone & Crystal 101 $25.00* Learn the 4 “C’s” of crystals & stones. Choosing, Charging, Care and Cleaning. Learn all about the beautiful gifts from Mother Earth! Class fee includes materials & all supplies for class project.

Wed Aug 16th 6:00 pm Moon Magick $28.00* Attune your magick with the moon! Learn to use the proper moon phase for Magickal workings! Learn the do’s and don'ts of the Moon’s cycles. Understand the Waxing and Waning Lunar Phases Work with the tides, rather than against them. Learn secrets and powers of the lunar energies and how they effect our lives, our holidays and our magical abilities. Learn to read a moon calendar and make your own. Learn how the moon in astrological signs can affect your spellwork. Learn how to harness the moons energy for future use. Much, Much, more! Class fee includes materials, handouts & all supplies for class project.

Sat Aug 19 1-3:00 pm Luxurious Lotions, Potions & Herbal Soap $25.00* Come create custom scented lotion, oils, and gels. Then decorate and gift package them for gift giving (or keeping for yourself!). Making Herbal Soap- Create several hand-made soaps that include herbs, scents and color! Remember to bring an apron or wear an old shirt this class can get messy! This class may be taken by children 10 and older with an adult. There is no discount for children do to the cost of supplies.

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* Prices listed include a $3.00 cash discount!

Please sign up 24 hrs early for all classes!

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Classes are Adult Classes unless noted and there is no childcare available.